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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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sxaip the venue. >> if base becomes a problem we often ask sound officers will designate a megahertz level for the base or inform the occupant about better sound proofing. things like that. that will come to us when we get the complaints and go ahead and staff is perfectly capable of doing that without the officer but they need the complaint first so the staff will deal with it when it kingdoms >> so there's a motion and second to allow for our staff to go ahead and issue permits pending the hiring of a actual sound inspector.
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so can we take some public comment on this. anyone have an opinion. seeing one. >> good evening commissions i'm just heard, you know, commissioners talk about this issue. it's a process in order to get somebody appointed to, you know, have the ability to do the sound test. i'm wondering if we could consider outsourcing it for the time being until someone can come in like a third party for the action so to speak and get those permits so there's some degree of measurement. i kind of look at an example like someone has a do you have a urine and blood test there's some degree of measurement. i think if someone later
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contests something maybe we can wait until we get someone open the team like bob has done for so many years >> thank any public comment on this item?. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners you guys have any more thoughts on this before we take a vote. it doesn't look like it. let's take a vote >> commissioner campagnoli. commissioner lee. commissioner joseph. commissioner hyde commissioner akers. president at an >> thank you. >> with that the motion passes. i know there are a cough other commissioner comments like commissioner hyde and commissioner akers >> yeah. my comment is happy holiday to everyone and since we're notd not 0 going into the year with another meeting.
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i'm calling on the commission to ladder and think about the best ways to be pro-active in our jobs here as not only regulators but promoter of night life and make sure that when things are happening in the city we're aware of them and so we do take an active really. i think we do a really good job and hope we continue to move forward with that. commissioner akers >> my comment is minor. i notice that audry joseph is needed as vice chair >> good eyes. i was just clarifying because a there's two vice chairs
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>> thank you for pointing out. any other commissioner convicting that he that i on commission questions or comments >> let's move on to item 8 for new agenda items. one thing we want to put on january 7th agenda is a hearing on 10 b i believe they commissioner commissioner hyde vice president commissioner hyde is lining up speakers and supervisor avalos is asking for information >> the police want to come and give a presentation on 10 b we're going to also have the sheriff's department here and then possibly a committee will be asked to speak. we can't put them on the agenda but we may ask them to speak
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>> anyone out there in the public have an opinion about 10 b please come out to our january 7th meeting. any other new agenda items. for the future agenda meeting. all right. any public comment about our future agenda meeting. i believe that brings us to the i understand of our meeting. this meeting is
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>> we've never been in so much focus worldwide and will not be this this is a the moment in time when a story going and make a wish is a program that fulfills wishes for children we operate in every cities there are 62 chapters. our chapter was formed in 8984 we fulfilled 24 wishes. our chapter covers from movntd ray 17 communities and we expect
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to fully 3 hundred and 50 wishes this year. we send verizon's it out to the wish families and interviews the wish child and if you do their heartfelt wish then go to work to make it happen. dismissals is a 5-year-old boy who was diagnosing diagnosed with life without parole when he was 20 months old he's 5 hose now in remission he had his port removed hose monopoly on the chemotherapy. this particular wish the parents wanted to wait until he had
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energy. i began assigning this wish with the family in march and started to understand the two miles how are we going to achieve that i made a bold statement into turning this into goth am city. it codify catapulted. so, now it's a much for ininaccurate indicate from the divorce. people starting twoet and reposting and it went viral. it was incredible about make a wish he wanted to be thinking about being batman.
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there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our compassion and we have a civic duty to be involved and people
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are stepping forward if in huge way. it's about san francisco and it's inspired by miles and about every child who has a severe ok call this meeting to order today is december third at 108. commission members when i call your name commissioner ellington >> present. >> all the members of the commission are present. 2 announcements. the next scheduled meeting will be a regular meeting on tuesday
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december 17th. >> announcement for: please be advised electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. any person responsible for the ringing of or other devices. please be advised the next item of business is item 4 matters
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of unfinished business. we have no items. consent and regular agenda. we have no items. the next order of business is item 5-a presumed innocent a lease agreement for block 7 west and the university of california san francisco and housing partners. an to construct 200 affordable units. madam director. >> good afternoon to the
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members of the public. thank you for joining us. you approved in june of this year a redevelopment loan. disbursement condition of that loan provided for actual disbursement could only come once you approve the amendmented dda so that action is before you from block 7 and assigning that to mission bay block 7 housing partners and i'd like to ask catherine -- to present this item. >> good afternoon madam chair and commissioners. today we have one resolution action the
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approval of 2 documents and lease agreement between ucsf transferring an existing dda to the develop or and basically taking that dda and modifying it to reflect the current project which would -- as the director mentioned it is comprised of chinatown i refer to them as a single developer. mission bay it's located on 4th street north to the south china basin to the north and then block 7 directly abutting to the east. this is the result
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of an agreement part of the new medical center in mission bay originally the city and master developer had don't donated 3 acres. this was land that was going to be developed. ucsf
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paid a non refundable purchase price. and the original dda allowed ucsf to give first priority to ucsf employees with consideration given to preference hold ers working at ucsf. so in june they basically paid and released property
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five million dollars and also the commission approved the agreement and amendment that allows us to have the block 7 go directly to the developer for construction of temporary housing for families going through treatment at ucsf and permitted to assign the original block which still exists to the developer for 200 units on the remaining site of block 7 and ucsf has agreed to prepay under the existing dda a. which is tied to construction of the second phase of the hospital. that won't start until otherwise would not be
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due until 2035 onwards. 2.4 million 20 years early ucsf would be allowed to assign the dda to the developer and that amendmented dda would be 25 percent of the units on the block with the 7 west project to give preference to employees of the healthcare institution and liabilities under the dda so as i mentioned this gives us a 2.4 million about 20 years earlier that anticipated otherwise and paid march of this coming year 2014 or as we'll talk about later in the presentation if we're required to get additional approvals from the board that don't come
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in until after march 1st ucsf would pay about a month after those approvals came through so the first document you have in front of you is the assignment of assumption of a lease agreement transfers the document in its current dda directly from ucsf to -- with the requirement of prepayment of 2.4 million with an eligibility preference for 25 percent of the units. back in june the original proposal of about 33 percent had preference the commission had expressed concerns about that number so we reduced it to 25 percent so the second document in front of you once we have gotten that dda over to the developer
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amending it we would end up with 200 units and because we would now hold the land versus having sold to ucsf that allows us to ground lease it to the developer so the unit. would also comply with the city's affordable housing guidelines first priority for all the units would be given to preference hold ers including those the 25 percent that the public employees would have so if you worked at general hospital you would get first priority for 25 percent of the
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units. retail private open space we'll get to more detail about the design in early january. approved a redevelopment loan. no money could be disbursed until the dda is approved. this in conclusion staff recommends approval of both assignment of the original block to the developer. the developer will come back to the commission in
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2014 and permanent financing and a ground lease and construction to start by the end of next year beginning of 2015 and the final determinationses from mission bay from the department of finance have had it over a year now but have committed to work on it and we've been getting questions from them so we know they are actually focussed on it. so that said they have had it over a year so we wanted to build in a backup plan if it looked like it was going to take too long. if they are going to be taking too long we may want to go through a separate process up to them so we're not hung up. we don't anticipate it will take longer.
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so what we've done is put together revisions to the resolutions which we handed out to you with red lines recognizing that there there will need to be approvals and approval of these documents are contingent on that we'll be updating both of the actual contracts from what you saw in the contracts include that language and tweak the deal just to recognize that there's additional steps of approval that need to be done before they become finalizes. again, we feel this risk is very low. so they have already blessed our ability for the affordable housing. so this concludes my presentation i want to
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recognize other folks in the audience that are here. pam simms from the mayor's housing office. >> thank you very much is there any public comment on this item. all right thank you very much. so we've all seen this topic quite a bit. there's a couple of minor questions and i'll pass out to my fellow commissioners. i like to start with the small easy stuff so on the resolution or the agreement
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to assign the dda to the developer, under the resolved clauses -- this is super minor. thank you. the area -- the actual document -- on the second page where it says not obligated to pay yet. so instead of saying. >> we there's a range of things that may trigger it so we'll
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include an estimated time of when that may be and then a more policy related question so this is something i notice about the preference program for residents and it didn't jive with my memory and i realize now my memory was wrong so when we look at the after appendix let me say i'm really happy that ucsf was able to negotiate with you guys i think it's a boon to add to the affordable housing. i believe in housing for workers as well so with that said, i notice that the
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third item for the categories of preference for the general public and my recollection back in june or july is that it was general san francisco residents and general public and working with the director it seems like maybe that was not actually in a previous document and i wanted to talk about whether or not that's something that can added maybe conditional to approval or something like that. >> thank you chairperson johnson. actually the san francisco workers were included in the committee approval and it was an oversight that it wasn't included in the dda. >> thank you okay so great. so is that something that's just a
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simple edit? >> we'll include that in the preference so you have the certificate of preference category one and category 2 and category those who live and work in san francisco and then members of the general public. that was easy and of course all subjected to fair housing laws as well. >> okay. and i think i have one more but i'll open it up in anyone else for comments. >> i just want to add a comment your memory was right. and i'm glad that we can make that change to ensure that we have more housing opportunities for san francisco. >> okay. >> i'm very pleased to see that we've got such a robust
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affordable housing project so i'm very excited that this project is moving. >> so the university discussed and investigated a variety of development opportunities to partner with developers and given the depth of subas i sidies required for the housing projects and lack of access to state tax credit funding, the university concludes that it
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was not feasible to proceed with the affordable housing projects on block 7. >> thank you. >> okay. we had a question about commission's -- i apologize i thought i had a question about the developer's obligations or how the developers default so we're good. okay. so obviously i think everyone understand that the next big document that we're going to see is the ground lease and that will also answer a lot of our questions as to how this transaction will work but are there any other questions about the dda or release


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